Welcome to the start of your journey to a new name.  Whilst this is fully legal there are some circumstances that would mean a standard deed poll is not for you.  please ensure you comply with the following.

You can apply for a "Normal Deed Poll" If:

  • You were born in United Kingdom (or in a British Overseas territory),
  • OR you inherited British nationality as a result of one or both of your parents meeting the above condition,
  • OR, your parents were considered to have settled in the United Kingdom (or in a British Overseas territory) at the time of your birth.
  • You must also have two witnesses (people who know you personally but who are not your family),
  • You are 18 years of age or older

If this all seems great then we can assist you to produce a Deed Poll and legally change your name.

Our Deed Polls cost £10 (Exc VAT).
For this, we will expertly craft your new deed poll to ensure it meets the standards of acceptance for all U.K. Government Bodies i.e. DVLA and The Passport Office.

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